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Design Tips and Sign Tricks

  • Wet Summer Neon

    The big city dusk sky Churns itself into boiling grey And geyers down a steamy storm. After it came and went, In a hot romantic wink, Before the vestiged heat Reclaim’s the puddled tempest, Slashing neon and Vegas lights Make… Read More

  • The Flying Banner

    The flying banner is an excellent way to make your street presence brightly known. A well designed layout becomes electric when the sun highlights it’s colorful brilliance, as shown. The Banner comes with base options; an in ground spike, a… Read More

  • Interchangeable Banner

    Ian discusses his solution for easily changeable banner event panels.

  • Fixing a Damaged Sign

    Ian Hochberg of High Mountain Signs, LLC discusses the steps necessary to fix a damaged sign.

  • Window Sign Installation

    Ian Hochberg of High Mountain Signs discusses the importance of balance and visibility in sign placement.

  • Vehicle Sign Installation

    Ian Hochberg of High Mountain Signs, LLC discusses installation of a sign on the back of a vehicle.

  • Thanksgiving Poem

    This is the one time of year, When arbors look more delicious than at any other time of year. The morning October sun illumines transparently onĀ  maroon, green and peach/gold leaves. In which I see earthen green beans with almonds,… Read More

  • Welcome to our new website…

    I am Ian Hochberg, president of High Mountain Signs. Welcome to our updated website with many improved features,which we hope will make your considering us to be your sign vendor of choice an easy and satisfying experience. We’ve just moved… Read More