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Archive for April, 2014

  • Banners, Displays, & Flags

    Please view our portfolio of Banners, Displays & Flags

  • Lightening

    Accountability is an essential element in my mindfulness. Being aware of the results of my actions and how I and others are effected by what I do is a pointed awareness to maintain. The main reasons to do what is… Read More

  • Ships & Boats

    Please view our portfolio of Ships & Boats

  • Introducing Print Services!

    High Mountain Signs is pleased to announce we now offer graphic design and printed business materials!

  • Prairie Origin

    From this simple place, a cow pasture in Dayton, Ohio called Huffman Prairie, 747’s took off, space craft were launched, great air armadas gathered …and flight took off. Here, The Wright Brothers learned to master flight, after Kitty Hawk. And… Read More

  • Fotheringill & Wade and Washington & West

    Here is a Wall Graphic we completed for both Fotheringill & Wade and Washington & West Fotheingill & Wade is a Law Firm and Washington & West specializes in Denial and Underpayment Recovery They are both located at 1 Olympic Place / Suite… Read More

  • New!!! Custom cabinets!!!!

    Ian introduces a custom built elevator message frame designed for Cove Property Management. 410-571-5555 (Please view our other sign challenge successes in our Sign Challenges & Solutions Gallery).