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Archive for November, 2013

  • Charm City Dental HDU sign

    These are two HDU completed sandblasted signs, completed for Charm City Dental, under the able leadership of Dr. Michael Collins, located at 814 W. 36th Street, The Avenue, in Hampden. 410-243-6066 (Please view our other Exterior Sign successes in ourĀ … Read More

  • Loving Pet Care Mobile Veterinary Service

    Loving Pet Care Mobile Veterinary Service has a newly designed and lettered vehicle to provide genuine love and compassionate care for your pets. Dr. Salif N. Bishop, my brother, offers his kind heart and patient love to ease the concerns… Read More

  • Forgiveness

    By Ian Hochberg The week was long, And by Saturday afternoon I was so tired That I ran a red light, totally unaware of what I had done, Until I checked my voice messages to find An unknown citizen informed… Read More