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Terminology & FAQ

ada_signADA Sign – These signs ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They can be installed with either mounting tape or stud mounts and come in a wide variety of standard colors and design variations. Affordable and effective.

pole_saverPole Banner Brackets – Brackets come in pairs. Standard units consist of fiberglass poles (usually .75” diameter) that slide into rod pockets along the top and bottom of pole banners. The poles then fasten to metal bases which are strapped to standing poles or fastened to walls. Standard lengths are 24”, 30” and 36”. In high wind areas we suggest using a bracket system which attaches the pole to the base with a spring mechanism. This allows the banner to flex with the wind, which greatly reduces wind load and improves the longevity of your investment.

ceiling_grid_clipsCeiling Grid Clips – These snap on to ceiling grids and are a great way to hang lightweight signs. “S” Hooks slip through holes shown and from that signs are hung.

acrylic_spacersClear Acrylic Spacers – Clear hollow acrylic tubes of varying lengths that are used to offset dimensional graphics from the walls they are mounted, enhancing their depth and impact. Studs are first screwed into stud mounts that are glued to the backs of graphics, then are slipped through spacers and are drilled into the wall.

Composite Materials – Sheets of metal and PVC or plastic that are laminated together. Usually 8’ x 4’ in varying thicknesses. These can be cut or routed to specific sizes and shapes.

contoured_metal_signContoured Metal Sign – A contoured sign is routed to a custom shape, allowing for a unique appearance. Holes can be pre-drilled for easy installation.

corplastCoroplast – Corrugated plastic. A lightweight and inexpensive material that is similar to corrugated cardboard in that it has hollow flutes running through it. This is used for event notices, contractor promotions and temporary announcements. It comes in various colors. Wire stakes are available that fit into the corrugation for staking in the ground.

vinyl_decalCut Vinyl Decals – Even though digital graphics are certainly the way of the future, cut vinyl decals are still essential for certain jobs. Decals of this type are sometimes in demand for window and door lettering and for other similar situations.

Grommets – Flat and round brass reinforcements that strengthen holes in a sign. These are mostly used in banners and come in nickel and brass finishes.

High Density Urethane (HDU) – A synthetic urethane material in sheet form of varying thicknesses, it is first machine custom routed and shaped, then painted. It is used for dimensional contoured signs. An affordable alternative to wood for sandblasted signs.

pole_bannerPole Banner – Usually a vertical banner that is fixed to either a pole or wall with 2 brackets, interior or exterior. These are two-sided and have rod pockets sewn into the top and bottom where the brackets fit into. Grommets are set in both pocket seams on the wall or pole side only. Zip ties pass through the grommets and fasten the banner to the bracket bases. This keeps exterior banners (link to Exterior Signs page) secure and in place on brackets, especially in foul weather and wind.

post_capPVC Post Caps – These are decorative caps that fit on top of PVC posts. They add an effective trim appearance to a sign installation.

Retractable Banner – An easily portable banner that extends from a housing to which it is fastened internally. The overall unit is self-standing and has a vertically extending pole that fits into the back of the housing. The top of the banner hooks onto the pole at its top. An affordable yet effective promotional device. The banner inserts are replaceable. This comes in economy and deluxe variations.

rod_pocketRod Pocket – These are sewn or taped pockets that are finished for durability. Wall or pole mounted banners use banner brackets that go through these for a secure installation.

Second Surface Window and Door Graphics – Graphics that are printed in reverse and installed on windows and glass doors on the interior, while visible and right-reading from the outside. The result is a clean, sub-surface appearance which also keeps the sign safe from vandalism, as well as having a considerable increase in longevity.

stud_mountsStud Mounts – These are fastened to the backs of some dimensional letters, graphics and sign panels. Holes are drilled into the wall or structure where the sign goes. The studs are inserted into the holes for secure mounting. Sometimes studs are passed through spacers that set the sign off the wall while concealing the studs, adding a further clean, dimensional appearance to the sign installation.

Substrate – The material or board that lettering and graphics are mounted on. Examples are acrylic, composite materials, coroplast, metal, PVC and plastic.

Vector File – A file with an image that consists of lines and curves, rather than one that is pixel based.

Width x Height – Measurements of a sign. Width refers to the horizontal measurement. Height refers to the vertical measurement.