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Archive for the ‘ poetry ’ Category

  • Reel Piece

    (Art by Ian Hochberg) Movement. Across, through and beyond.

  • Time Moving

    Art by Ian Hochberg From the discarded past, Onward, Improving, Growing, Always.

  • Sky Piece

    Art Ian Hochberg Beyond the small frame viewing what I see, the Universe is forever.

  • White ladder

    Original Art by Ian Hochberg Ascending, Weightless, White At Peace

  • Flying

    By Ian Hochberg Up from down Something better is there Move towards it

  • Stillness

    Base by Ian Hochberg Scarves by another artist 2006 (Instert attached file Scarves.JPG) From thin sticks Scarves hang And waft in the breeze. They just are Untroubled

  • Rotations

    Piece by Ian Hochberg A life in rotation, from cold white to warm amber, Sharp corners smooth, replaced by soft round curves. Transitions

  • Entrepreneur Ian Hochberg Hopes His Found Object Art is a Sign of the Times

    Appearing in JMore Magazine Online July, 2019: Ian Hochberg walks slowly around his Mount Washington living room, gazing intently at each work of art hanging on the wall, all of which he personally created. After a moment of contemplation, Hochberg,… Read More

  • Truth

    Copyright Ian Hochberg May, 2019 I thought I could do anything, Sometimes I could, Many times I couldn’t. The right things always happened In the perfect way, at the exact time And I didn’t bring this about. Something greater than… Read More

  • Standing in the Storm

    By Ian Hochberg Copyright 2019 The storm is strong and feels like It will last forever. Stand on a beach and look at the driving sea: Grinding, writhing. Remain there strong in the rain, the wind and remember, the sun… Read More