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Vehicle Sign Installation


I’m Ian Hochberg, president of High Mountain Signs, and if you happen to have a small lettering job such as this for a vehicle, best time to year to do it outside is spring, summer, fall. This is midwinter. However we had a good day here. The best time to letter the new vehicles if you want to do it, and schedule us to do your vehicle, it’s the best optimal time on a sunny day like this, winter is about 11 to 1:00 PM. After 1:00, sun starts setting going down and it gets too cold to do it. You need a warm truck to letter a vehicle, especially in the winter.

Job completed for KIPP Visual Systems, their brand new transit vehicle. This is the best billboard. The rear is the best. You always have a captive audience behind you. The sides of the vehicle or not as helpful, because people have to be right on top of you to read it. So they got a great billboard, easy to read, you know what they do. And now they’re going to sell security systems. If you need to reach us,, [email protected] for email, (410) 662-6100, and we look forward to helping you. Thank you.