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Loving Pet Mobile Care vehicle lettering


I’m Ian Hochberg, president of High Mountain Signs, and we have just completed designing and lettering a new van for Loving Pet Mobile Care, mobile veterinary services, (410) 384 4573,, and this van has a very special story. And I’m going introduce my brother. This is my brother Salif Ongo Yamsa, veterinarian from Cameroon, West Africa. That’s right. We are brothers. We met, Salif claimed me as his brother, and now that’s how we think and refer to each other. And there is a story of coming from great deprivation and poverty, horrific situations, and Salif overcame them, became an American, became a veterinarian and this is launching his service. And if you ever need a loving, trusting, compassionate veterinarian, this, above all else is your man. Thank you. Thank you. Until next time. Thank you.