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ELECTROLUX Clean Hero!!!! William Sullivan - Truck Magnetics


Hello again. I’m Ian Hochberg, president of High Mountain Signs and today I’m looking at the van belonging to William Sullivan who is a wonderful, terrific salesperson representative for [03:31] Eris Electrolux located on Joe Avenue in Parkville. He is a great provider of vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaner service of all makes and models, plus air purifiers plus a detergent-free washing solution for your clothes, which beats everything. It’s absolutely wonderful. His number is (410) 499-1313 — William Sullivan.

Now, William has this challenge. He’s got this beautiful Ford Transit and here’s the situation. He’s got very small magnetics which are really great, really small. And if you look at the rear, look what he’s got. So I’m going to come back in a moment and show you the solution that we provided for him.

And now here’s the result that we have provided for William and it’s a magnetic sign, one for each side, and look at how it enhances the vehicle.

So if we can provide you with great home solutions, (410) 499-1313 and if we can provide you with signs or banners of many types, please give us a call at (410) 662-6100 [email protected] we appreciate all testimonials and referrals. And until next time, thank you.