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Using Business Signage to Promote Your Brand

Using Business Signage to Promote Your Brand

All businesses can use signage to successfully promote their brand to customers! Here are a few tips and considerations to get started.

All great and successful businesses know that promoting their brand is crucial. A business’s brand image ultimately keeps its products and services at the front of their customers’ minds. Many things can go into how any business can portray themselves to customers, but one especially useful tool is business signage. Companies, big and small, from restaurants to retail stores, can boost their branding efforts with the appropriate use of business signage. Here are just a couple of considerations to keep in mind.

Choose Signs with Purpose

To make the most impact with each item of business signage, the design and construction should suit a particular purpose. For example, outdoor signage should be eye-catching and attention-grabbing to pedestrians and drivers passing by. Signs that serve more informative purposes, such as free-standing banners and displays, should convey written and graphic elements to elicit more interest in a product. If a sign is difficult to see or read, it’s certainly not useful to your customers who will have unanswered questions. It may even cause them to associate negative emotions toward your business.

Show Consistency

For all types of promotional signs your business can use, be sure to maintain consistent design elements that tie it all back to your brand identity. This could be done through using the same corporate colors, font style, logo, or even a particular aesthetic that’s distinctly your own. Consistency is vital to branding because the unified and repetitive exposure to the public is what gets them to associate these visual elements to your business instantly.

Power of Artistic Expression

Business signage is often more than a marketing tool; signs can be considered works of art that convey powerful messages to viewers. Companies need to leverage the power of artistic expression and use it to benefit their branding when they can. Beyond sign design, even the materials used can influence perceptions about a business. Consider how a well-respected financial consulting company or a law firm can convey their business’s esteem through a robust monument sign. A modern restaurant or bakery serving fun fare can use bright colors and stunning designs to hint at the food experience they provide. A tech business is more likely to use shiny metal signs or PVC-constructed architectural signs than opt for a more rustic design with carved wood.

Trust High Mountain Signs For All Your Signage Needs

At High Mountain Signs, our priority is providing dependable service and signs for your event or business. We have over 34 years of experience in consulting, designing, permitting, producing, and installing signs. High Mountain Signs delivers attention-grabbing impact to your event or business throughout the areas of Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Pikesville, Towson, Roland Park, Ellicott City, Rockville, Columbia, Maryland, and beyond.

Our products include banners, prints, displays, table coverings, awnings, exterior and interior signs, boat and vehicle graphics, window graphics, ADA signs, lettered signs, and more! Please visit our website to view our full range of services. To get started, contact us at (410) 662-6100 or email [email protected]. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

High Mountain Signs was voted One of Baltimore’s Top 3 Sign Shops in 2018 and 2019. As company president Ian Hochberg says, “Thank you for your ongoing trust in us!”

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