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The Outflowing

Copyright Ian Hochberg 2016

The unfortunate collision of vehicle metal and deer membrane is so commonplace as to be somewhat unnoticed. But not this time.

On my workward drive along a busy rush hour corridor this morning, an adult deer likely sprang out into a car’s path and was hit. I saw the stricken animal on the filthy, cold, hard asphalt it was still alive. Its uplifted head, somewhat pointed skyward as it slowly waned to one side, it’s life seeping towards death, probably in lingering minutes.

There are likely many who have little regard for suffering in other beings.

I am not among them. I see people and animals caught in the wrong place and time who suffer.

These scenes speak to my, our, humanity if we allow our hearts to soften enough.

How much effort can picking up a piece of trash, gathering a stray shopping cart, picking up a piece of fallen merchandise in a store or being kind to someone or an animal take?

Very, very little.

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