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Stay Seen with Lighted Building Signs

Stay Seen with Lighted Building Signs

Whether you need your building signs seen after dark or are looking for a way to draw more attention to your signage, lighted signs can make your message stand out!

Whether you need your building signs seen after dark or are looking for a way to draw more attention to your signage, lighted signs can make your message stand out! Great building signs aren’t just about the sign design and construction. Instead, it should also take into account the environment, placement, and overall installation result. Building signs are meant to be seen, and there’s no better way to give your business visibility than to use lighting solutions!

Types of Lighted Signs

Channel Letters

Channel letters are similar to dimensional letters in application, except these are almost exclusively used outdoors and are internally lit. During the day, they look great as is since the letters and any additional graphics conform to any color or font. When it gets dark, channel letters stand out against the backdrop of your building.

Backlit Channel Letters

Backlit channel letters look even more similar to traditional dimensional letters during the day. However, small lights installed behind the letters give off a halo-like effect to your building signs. You can choose only to light these signs at night, thus making it an energy-saving option when you only use the lighting option when needed.

Backlit Sign Panel

Also known as cabinet signs, backlit sign panels are a straightforward solution for businesses looking to create a unified sign and lighting system. The translucent panel of these building signs come crafted in your business’s name, logo, phone number, services, etc. All this information stays clear and easy to read once the internal lights get switched on.

LED Signs

LED signs are a classic type of illuminated building signs. These are more affordable than many digital sign systems while remaining just as effective when displaying a message. Building and zoning laws can dictate whether you can use them as part of monument signs or smaller displays from your storefront window.

Digital Signs

Digital signs make use of a screen. Most businesses will use digital signs as part of a monument sign design because it’s so versatile. The display can be programmed to change with different messages as needed. These signs make a business look modern. Again, digital signs can be subjected to local zoning laws or require a permit to install.

Additional Outdoor Light Sources

When you need to add some more light or visual interest to your storefront, and lighted building signs aren’t an option, you can supplement your existing displays by installing additional light fixtures. Floodlights, bullet lights, and gooseneck lights can help illuminate your business signage and storefront.

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