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Should I Use Vinyl Banners or Mesh Banners?

Should I Use Vinyl Banners or Mesh Banners?

Still not sure whether to choose vinyl or mesh banners after reading this explanation? Give our team at High Mountain Signs a call for a sign consultation!

Banners come in more varieties than you think. It’s helpful to know about their unique qualities — even seemingly small differences — so that you can choose the best application for your needs. One such example is the differences between vinyl banners and mesh banners. Sure, they offer plenty of similar advantages, such as being a cost-effective promotional tool. However, it’s the details that make them stand apart from the other that you want to be paying attention to when you make your choice. Still not sure whether to choose vinyl or mesh banners after reading this explanation? Give our team at High Mountain Signs a call for a sign consultation!

The Case for Vinyl Banners

High-quality vinyl banners are a great standard option when you need to make an impact. This type of banner works in both outdoor and indoor settings. Plus, vinyl banners typically allow for double-sided printing. With this, you can display your bold graphics and messaging with versatility, or maximize your banner graphics exposure. Whether hung up on stands, buildings, or billboards, it can show your printed design with excellent visibility. The production process is quick, thus making vinyl banners ideal for your time-sensitive or short notice projects too! With the proper care, you can store and reuse your vinyl banners for several events.

When Mesh Banners are Best

Mesh banners are unique in that the printed material has a bunch of tiny holes riddled throughout the banner, creating the name-implied mesh appearance. People are concerned about whether the mesh texture makes the printed designs more challenging to see and read. Modern advances in printing and sign making can allow for mesh banners to be produced without sacrificing how bold the colors are or how clear your messages are. While you could use mesh banners indoors, these banners are best suited for outdoor usage, especially in areas with wind-exposure. Even the largest mesh banners won’t billow and distort your message, nor will it act as a hazard by causing excessive structural stress by straining against winds. Mesh banners can be displayed on construction site fences, or high atop the side of a building, such as commercial buildings or residential complexes.

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