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Questions to Think Over Before Selecting Your Outdoor Building Signs

Questions to Think Over Before Selecting Your Outdoor Building Signs

Answer a few of these questions to help you think critically about what types of outdoor building signs to get.

There’s no denying that the right outdoor building signs will make a great impact on your property or business. But, with all these options available, how do you decide where to spend your dollars? And just as important, you need to consider if the outdoor building signs you use will make sense for your intended strategy. To narrow your decisions, answer a few of these questions that help you think critically about what types of outdoor building signs to get.

Where Will Your Outdoor Building Signs Go?

You probably have an idea of where you would like your outdoor building signs to go so you can figure out what type of signage and design can best suit the surroundings. Where signage will be installed along with who your desired audiences are should influence the type of signs used. For example, if you need signs to improve your storefront, large window graphics or LED signs should grab the attention of people driving by in cars. Conversely, if you hope to attract pedestrians to your retail store or restaurant, A-frame signs and blade signs may be better for those reading your sign from the sidewalk.

What Is The Purpose of Your Sign and Message?

Signs can serve multiple purposes. But, certain signs work well for a specific purpose. For long term promotional efforts, flag signs could do the trick around your property. Banners are a cost-effective sign to keep around for multiple reuses when you need to promote occasional events, like a sale or special offer. Do you need signage that will convey more information? Monument signs that double as wayfinders for an apartment leasing office or programmable digital signs that display a rotating set of messages can get your point across.

Do You Want Your Messages to Change Often?

Community centers, schools, places of religious worship, and restaurants are just a few examples of places that need signage that can be changed frequently with new announcements. Pronto letter signs, reader boards, chalkboard, and programmable LED signs make it easy to switch up your messages as needed.

How Will Budget Affect Your Options?

You may feel that your budget limits what you can choose to do as far as the type of outdoor building signs you can afford to have produced and installed. Not to mention, some external signs require a permit before installation, which will also incur a fee. One of your best options in this circumstance is to seek advice from a trusted and reputable sign company. At High Mountain Signs, we can meet with you to discuss your project goals and constraints. Then, we can recommend a course of action that will best suit your needs.

Trust High Mountain Signs For All Your Signage Needs

At High Mountain Signs, our priority is providing dependable service and signs for your event or business. We have over 34 years of experience in consulting, designing, permitting, producing, and installing signs. High Mountain Signs delivers attention-grabbing impact to your event or business throughout the areas of Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Pikesville, Towson, Roland Park, Ellicott City, Rockville, Columbia, Maryland, and beyond.

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