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Love Under Pressure

On one of our Philly job runs – In the far off distance, Central City Philly tries vainly to shrink and veil itself into the fog, whisper unseen under 95 to get to the airport to catch a flight for a luscious week in West Palm. 

-Then the sun came out, the fog burned off and Philly was caught and had to go back to work before it got to long term parking.

I dropped off my daughter at Penn Station at 7:01 for the 7:12 train to Philly for a 9:12 call time to shoot a TV show. She is 22 and aside from being a SAG/AFTRA working member, she is finishing her degree at Towson U.

3 blocks away, at 7:10 she calls me.

“Dad, the train is late – can you take me to Philly?

I had a full day planned for sign installations and meeting customers, which definitely did not include switching all that around and running to Philly.

My daughter asked for help, so I said “OK”. Right away. The heck with my customers. Millions of TV viewers are expecting to see my kid perform. And they will.

It was Friday morning. Rush Hour. Raining. Getting to Philly takes two hours.

We first had to get to 95 North on the east side. A mule team moved faster than the beltway traffic that morning.

Finally we got off the beltway about 8:10.

G-d was looking out for me that day, because I got no speeding tickets, especially around the Philly expressway where I set new personal best speed records.

Then I was about to run out of gas. Where on earth is there a gas station in Philly? I found one.

My daughter had a good day on the set and is still a working actor / actress. I caught my breath, went to Dunkin Donuts to get some hot chocolate and 2 donuts, and then came home to get on with my work day. At 1pm.

We have a good story to tell when she is a big star, and using her influence to not only entertain but to help those who are bullied and feel hopeless, just as she was all through school.

… As well as to stand up for those who are unjustly prejudiced – gays and lesbians, and to help Broadway Cares, an organization run by Broadway performers to provide assistance for AID’s victims – all are passionate and intense causes for her.

Love is doing no matter what for the benefit of someone else – My daughter ( …and others, too).

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