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Copyright Ian Hochberg June, 2016

Lauren is a beautiful young single woman in her early 50’s who wants to get married and have children. She appeared to have viewed my online dating profile several times, enough that I sent her a message, in spite of the vast distance between our 2 cities. “Thank you for your interest. Regretfully due to the distance between us we aren’t a match. I want your intended and his love to find you rapidly”.

She replied and asked me that if I knew of anyone for her to let her know. This was a request I never received before. I ache for Lauren and want her to be loved. I wish I knew someone I could send her way to relieve her aloneness, which I relate to so well. If I did, I would have.

One morning I was in a local Dollar Store where I briefly observed two men. The younger of them mournfully mentioned “The cost of living” to his friend as he hopefully held bottles of ketchup and mustard along with a bag of hamburger rolls. His remark was a meager reflection of what little he had at the time, evidenced by when he read the little sign at the register that said all purchases were to be paid by CASH ONLY, of which he had none. So went possibly his chance to eat that day. Having been homeless myself, I know how he felt.

We all have the weight of the world on our backs. Where possible, I help to carry theirs.

(Lauren’s actual name was changed to protect her)

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