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Richardson Farm


Hello again. I’m Ian Hochberg, president of High Mountain Signs. And today I met Richardson Farms, 5900 Ebeneezer Road in White Marsh, where we are partnering with Q Marketing and Design, which is headed ably by Christine Richardson, located in the Broom Factory and Canton. And that’s And our number is (410) 662-6100,

We have provided them signs, we’re going to take a quick look at the store and then you get a close up of some of what we’ve done.

This is a good pan of what the store is, and it’s a wonderful place with great savory items all seasons all year round. And today we’re going to take a quick look at this chalkboard which we’ve created.

This is a wall mount unit that we created and it allows the staff to take chalk and write these daily specials. The black background is actually a chalkboard vinyl, and the frame is a layered vinyl that we’ll put over that.

But take a look at something else now as well. This item that we’ve printed on is called a rubber steel, and it’s a conformable very thin material that allows magnetic signs such as these to apply to it and the staff changes the items here at will as they wish to. And then it goes right here.

So if we can help you with signs like these are banners for Delis, restaurants, or other purposes, please give us a call. (410) 662-6100,, the best in marketing, advertising and design. Q Marketing and Design, and all under the umbrella here today are Richardson Farms, the best farm store you will find anywhere. And until next time. Thank you.