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Ian presents a new dimensional wall graphic for Duncan Investment Partners


Hello again. I’m Ian Hochberg, president of High Mountain Signs and today I’m in the office of Keith Duncan and Duncan Investment Partners.

I’ve just installed a wall graphic. We specialize in wall graphics among other items. This is eighth inch acrylic, applied directly to the wall. And what I’d like to do is direct you to Keith Duncan for your investment needs. (410) 560-7990, 108 West Emonium Road, [11:06] He’s quite an able advisor and I highly recommend him.

He brought us in to reproduce this logo to make a good appearance when his clients come into his office. This is overall 42 inches long and if you have a need for a graphic like this or one of a different nature, we can certainly assist you. (410) 662-6100 or [email protected], and as I always say, thank you for your trust in us. And until next time, thank you.