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Frank Scaduto, The Time Keeper

by Ian Hochberg


On Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 I was on a bus coming home from New York, as it plowed through a nightmare of a ceaseless downpour.

The storm ran at gale force through the night.

I somewhat wondered how my shop would fare, assuming it would come through dry as it always had when unearthly storms swelled the Jones Falls stream bed, which in fair weather resides peacefully right next to Meadow Mill, where my business is located.

Peacefully …. unless enough rain falls that causes the water level to rise and crest the low property, located in a flood plain.

The next day the sun opened a warm Spring day and my I was quite tearful, wondering whether to remain in business or not. Our sales had plummeted over the proceeding several years and I was filled with a heart wrenching despair and loss, not knowing exactly how things got this way or what to do next.

… and I had yet to get to my shop that morning.

When I arrived, the man hole cover that sealed off a bottomless crevasse of blackness exploded when I found my shop had been flooded during the horrific storm.

My shop, located on the first floor of the building, was mired in mud which settled into a thick layer of unpredictability.

… and there was Frank Scaduto, my employee, cleaning up already and beginning to supervise the restoration to a new defined sanity, an effort I was in too much of shock to manage myself. For days he was a Gibraltar at a time when his presence and level calm were most dear.

Frank is a metronome, a complex clock of finely tuned small details, referring to his steady, trustworthy and punctual attendance to all he does. He possesses an astute and highly creative talent as a designer and visual craftsman, having an eagle’s eye vision for small details as well as an overall scope of all projects, large and small.

He is an honest man with “Horse sense” – a plain talker, solution seeker and an invaluable resource and advisor in almost all aspects of High Mountain Signs.

Now we are now in the process of revising how we proceed and refining our operations to turn the tide towards being profitable. Frank is a most central part of the emerging success which is coming our way.

Frank is a modest man who is deserving of recognition. He is the wind that provides the lift under the wings of this Phoenix as it rises.

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