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Flash Mob Love

By Ian Hochberg

It was my very first time !

The occasion was to perform in a Flash Mob Wedding Proposal.

Out of about a 160 volunteer participants, about 140 were women. Mostly in their teens – 30’s.

In an overcrowded and steam bath rehearsal hall in the middle of winter on the 16th floor of a midtown Manhattan office building.

My awareness was how my false self made efforts to tell me —-

…. Your are an old man, you have no place here!

…. You can’t dance like these young kids

…. They’re all looking at you and laughing inside

….. Your clothes aren’t the right ones

My true self said ” NONSENSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “. STOP IT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

I was fully all there, connecting with kind people who showed me how to do the steps that they grew up with, while being part of a loving and life affirming event.

I told a lovely woman and her boyfriend who helped me, that I grew up with The Twist and would gladly show her how to waltz in exchange for her help.

After almost 3 hours of repetition, the time came to leave for the site, which was the red steps by the TKTS venue in Times Square.

We all arrived, had a plan set about when we would each join in the mob in a “planned” random order as we waited for our dance captain to get it all started.
The music we all came to know and love so much was unnoticed, coming from a small boombox, drowned out by NYC itself.

All that was apparent was a mild bass beat.

The sequence took less than four minutes and towards the end I noticed a petite woman, crying, standing right next to me.

I stopped dancing and asked “Who are you?”. “The mother”, she replied. “Which one’s mother?” …. “My son’s !”. I helped her start to get to him, up on the steps, where he was dancing with all of us, while¬†his girlfriend took in what he did – for her.

The gift of recovery, being present for life and taking the chance and great steps to enjoy, it lie ahead for you.

… And if case you were wondering, she accepted his proposal.

I signed up for another Wedding Proposal Flash Mob in NYC in April.

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