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Eye-Catching Building Sign Design Tips

Eye-Catching Building Sign Design Tips

Let High Mountain Signs assist your business by creating impactful and stylish building signs!

Developing an eye-catching, attention-grabbing building sign design is an exciting and critical step of the sign installation process. Aesthetic style and excellent craftsmanship aside, the fundamental composition of a sign’s design should cater to a few considerations. Every business uses large building signs, so to compete for passersby’s attention, the sign design needs to make a strategic impact. In turn, these signs will capture your customers’ interest and ultimately help you make a sale. Try using these building sign design tips when creating your signage to attract people’s attention.

Keep It True to Brand

Before going over the following design tips, the central idea to keep in mind throughout your eye-catching sign design is to keep your overall design true to your brand. Just because specific fonts or colors are more likely to draw the human eye doesn’t mean your sign should use them indiscriminately. You want your signs to be eye-catching for the right reason: to bring attention to your business and your brand. Be sure to use your design elements accordingly.

Easy-to-Read Font

A standard tip is to use easy-to-read font for your signs. There are thousands of beautiful and unique typefaces, but a building sign is not the best place to use them. When people get a glimpse of your sign, they have fractions of a second to register what they see. Don’t overcomplicate this process and make it difficult to read your sign with hard to read fonts, like some cursive or serif fonts.

Large Font Size

As part of choosing an easy-to-read font, make sure the font size is big enough to be legible from different ranges. Not everyone who will see your sign will be looking at it from the same position or distance. The bigger the font, the easier it will be to make out what your message is in your building sign design.

Limited Words and Details

Your most effective building sign design may be the most simple design. You don’t want too many details and elements distracting from the core message of your sign: your business name or brand. This will mean using minimal words and omitting detailed images in most designs.

Bright Colors

Bright, bold colors quickly help grab people’s attention. Remember, use colors that make sense for your brand. Red is an extremely attractive color to the human eye, but it won’t make sense if your company colors are blue and white. Consider where the sign will be mounted, too. Often, a bright color that contrasts with its surroundings is good enough to hold people’s attention.

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At High Mountain Signs, our priority is providing dependable service and signs for your event or business. We have over 34 years of experience in consulting, designing, permitting, producing, and installing signs. High Mountain Signs delivers attention-grabbing impact to your event or business throughout the areas of Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Pikesville, Towson, Roland Park, Ellicott City, Rockville, Columbia, Maryland, and beyond.

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