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Different Materials for Post and Panel Signs

Different Materials for Post and Panel Signs

If you need help selecting the right material for your post and panel signs, call High Mountain Signs!

Post and panel signs are constructed to be cost-effective and versatile for many purposes. Various businesses can benefit from post and panel signs, as they can be made to different sizes and specifications. Typically, these types of signs use two panels to hold up a panel to inform or advertise your business information. The panel can be single or dual-sided to display your sign design. When selecting a material to make up the panel portion of your sign, there are a couple of options to consider. If you have questions or trouble making your selection, consult with an expert from High Mountain Signs!


Aluminum is arguably the most used when it comes to producing post and panel signs. The outer panel of aluminum material encapsulates a plastic core. This way, the board is quite durable while keeping weight and cost low. Aluminum is an excellent substrate to apply paint or vinyl graphics upon in order to compose your desired sign design. Using aluminum panels lends a sophisticated yet low-cost sign solution for businesses everywhere.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

PVC material makes for good post and panel signs, although it’s typically paired with other materials in the overall construction. PVC panels on their own don’t last for an extraordinary amount of time since it can be warped by heat. This is a major concern if it’s an outdoor sign during warmer months. Instead, PVC panels can be framed by another material, or be used to make the posts for other paneled signs.

Foam Core

Foam core signs can withstand the outdoor elements just as well as aluminum signs. Monument signs use foam core substrate panels to produce those types of signs, where it’s disguised under stucco to replicate a more robust finish. However, it can just as easily be mounted on standard posts to display your message.


Wood signs have a wood core, but many outdoor post and panel signs finish the top with vinyl letters and graphics or lamination. This treatment preserves the sign message or finishes so the wood can weather the outdoor exposure. Wood is also great for making up the posts of the sign, so the overall product lends a more nature-inspired feel to complement certain companies or outdoor spaces, like parks.

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