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Flying Banner

BANNERS! are affordable, good for events, displays, long term outdoor use… and can be rolled up and stored for the future.

If a banner becomes wrinkled, the best solution is to lay it outside in the warm sun … The heat relaxes and flattens it out.

The most effective banners are those that have minimal copy that is easy to read, along with high contrast in color and graphics … Just like any other sign.

When considering the message you want to convey to your public, consider the reader’s perspective.
Imagine you know nothing of the event or intention that is being presented.

Try asking yourself if you, as the first time reader of this sign, can I clearly understand the message.
The objective: get your point across quickly with as few words as possible. Signs are usually meant to be read in a few seconds.

Here are a few points to help make your sign message “fat free” …..

Phone numbers. Many times a phone number on a sign is preceded by “For Information call” or a variation of this.
Actually, the phone number alone invites the reader to call, which removes any extra and unneeded copy.

Hours of operation. A common display of hours on a sign sometimes reads:
8:00am – 9:00pm.
A way to simplify this is:
8am – 9pm.

These are some simple ways to streamline a message in order to keep it “lean”.

If you have any questions or would like further guidance, please contact us at High Mountain Signs.

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