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Mesh Banner for The Baltimore Design School


Hello again. I’m Ian Hochberg, president of High Mountain signs and today we are taking a look at a large banner we provided to the Baltimore Design School for our great customer, Sea Wall Development.

This is an 80 foot by 20 foot mesh banner which we provided and it has holes all through it, printed on a mesh which greatly reduces the wind load. The stress makes it a much safer banner to put on a building, something this size. Also, its placement is really quite of an advantage because just on the other side of all this growth is the Jones Falls, which you can hear, and there’s a bend in the road right around here which goes up north, and for traffic they get a great view of the building and it’s a great promotional use to have the banner where it is.

So if we can assist you with signs or banners such as this, as we provided for Seawall, which is a local company which revitalizes buildings such as this, which have seen very little use, older buildings, and put them to great use with a community interest in mind. Please give us a call, (410) 662-6100 or [email protected] and as I always say, thank you till next time, and thank you for your trust in us.