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Maryland Agricultural Resource Council - interchangeable banner


Well good morning. It’s a nice beautiful day out here, and what we have here is a busy road. Right now it’s mid morning, and just imagine this road on a busy morning going to or from work, or on a weekend when these fields could be quite active athletic fields over beyond the ridge.

We are providers of signs for the Maryland Agricultural Resource Council, located in the county. And they have a sign that we produced for them, and it’s a two-sided pole banner as you’ll see here. Now, what they did have a need for is to be able to change information for various events that they will hold here.

The challenge is how to provide them with smaller panels such as this that we have here, and that they could it out rather easily. So the question was asked, do we use velcro? Well, velcro is a wonderful invention. But outdoors under extreme weather conditions and the kind of conditions that we have in this area, in this region, can fluctuate from cold to hot to very damp, intense thunderstorms, rain, snow, and the velcro, I’m pretty sure is going to fail after a very short time. So that’s not the best solution.

So I had a challenge here to come up with something that would work better, that both the customer and we knew that we could count on, to rely on. So this is the solution that I came up with. Let’s take a close look at it.

We set pairs of grommets like you see here, at key points along, so that the customer could come up here with the ladder and then with a cable tie which goes from front to back, they could change the message as they needed to. So, in response to the project once it was delivered, the customer made it very clear that this was the best solution and it’s going to work just fine.

I’m Ian Hochberg, president of High Mountain Signs. We can assist you with a banner such as this, or other types of sign projects. We’re glad to do so. (410) 662-6100, and it’s Thank you.