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Ian introduces a Mesh Banner and it's assets!


Hello again, I’m Ian Hochberg and I’m here to demonstrate what a mesh banner is. Mesh banners are great. Let’s take a look at why.

What we’ve got here is actually a mesh that is printed on. And just the back side of it is just white and here’s a printed image, and it really reduces the wind load on banners. Now there’s a question we’re asked at times is do we cut wind into banners to help reduce wind load? And actually there’s been a test that we know about that says that wind vents actually could increase the wind load and this greatly reduces it. So the image is vibrant and had just some grommets, and in a situation like this where it’s for a construction site, and there it is.

So if we can assist you with signs or banners like this or other types, please give us a call. (410) 662-6100 [email protected], and as I always say, until next time. Thank you.