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Banner visibility on a Busy Intersection


Hello, I’m Ian Hochberg and it’s actually January 1st of 2013. This morning I am at the Cathedral of the Incarnation and we have an interesting sign challenge. We have traffic coming at the intersection of University Parkway and Charles Street coming from four directions — north, south, east and west, and not at a right angle. How do we promote, in this case, Christmas Eve/New Year events in an effective way that can be seen from all directions? So what I did was I came up with a solution here where I put up a four U-channel post, a U-channel post is what you see traffic signs that are put up on roadways. And it’s called a U-channel because it’s got a channel in the post. This was put up a year ago and the banners are always reusable because there are no dates on them. So now traffic can see these banners and see the event well-marked in all directions — north, south, east and west. If we can assist you with such a situation like this or others, please give us a call. (410) 662-6100 [email protected] and I wish you all a very prosperous and peaceful 2013.

As a followup to the VLOG. You have just seen, I realized on review that there were actually three posts in the banner set up rather than four. So, using this as an opportunity, I wish all of you a year of success in 2013 and most importantly a year of self love and compassion when you might make mistakes or when things turn out differently than you had hoped or planned.

Thank you.