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Apple Free

By Ian Hochberg


In the splendid golden past, someone envisioned
that the grandeloquent Waldorf Astoria,
ought to go between 33rd & 34th Streets,
between 5th Avenue and Broadway
in New York City.

Someone believed America
would be a better place
if alcohol was made illegal,
which led to it’s use increasing,
rather than it’s decline.
With it, the country lived on margin
and for the giddy fun of it all,
until the great collapse.

Someone thought The Waldorf Astoria
had run it’s course and would be the site
of the symbol of America’s
rising out from the barren ashes of
The Depression’s blackening embers.

Someone imagined that on a clear eastern, Brooklyn morning,
The Empire State Building which now there stood,
would catch the sun and stand ambered before the receding,
threatening night that crept itself westward and away,
allowing for hope to rise again.

No Apples, no Laptops or Palm Pilots made any of this happen.

Just many someones whose minds thought something could be.

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